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Lemon Cake Gift Set

Lemon Cake Gift Set

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Savor the zesty indulgence of the Lemon Cake Gift Set, a delightful pairing that treats your skin to the invigorating essence of lemony freshness. This carefully curated set includes two luxurious products:

Lemon Cake Hands and Body Foam Wash (250ML): Elevate your cleansing routine with the Lemon Cake Hands and Body Foam Wash. Infused with the vibrant aroma of zesty lemons, this indulgent foam wash offers a luxurious experience for your hands and body. With a composition enriched with 98% natural ingredients and a vegan-friendly formulation, this foam wash not only gently cleanses but also leaves your skin delightfully fragrant. Suitable for all skin types, it transforms your daily shower into a revitalizing citrus-infused treat.

Lemon Cake Hand Cream (50ML): Continue the pampering with the Lemon Cake Hand Cream, a decadent treat for your hands. Imbued with the refreshing scent of lemon cake and crafted from 98% natural ingredients, this hand cream provides intense hydration, leaving your skin smooth and supple. The nourishing formula works to revitalize the epidermis, softening rough skin and contributing to strong, healthy nails. Indulge in the uplifting fragrance as you pamper your hands with this luscious, vegan-friendly hand cream.

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