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Marshmallow Gift Set

Marshmallow Gift Set

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Indulge in the sweet luxury of the Marshmallow Gift Set, a delightful pairing that pampers your skin with the irresistible essence of strawberry fluff. This thoughtfully curated set includes two decadent products:

Marshmallow Hands & Body Foam Wash (250ML): Immerse yourself in the luscious foam of the Marshmallow Hands & Body Foam Wash. This luxurious formula, with 98% natural ingredients and a vegan-friendly composition, gently cleanses your hands and body. The delicious care of strawberry fluff leaves your skin feeling not only clean but also delightfully fragrant. Suitable for all skin types, this foam wash transforms your daily cleansing routine into a sensorial experience.

Marshmallow Hand Cream (50ML): Follow up your cleansing ritual with the Marshmallow Hand Cream, a luscious treat for your hands. This hand cream, infused with the sweet aroma of strawberry fluff and comprising 98% natural ingredients, provides intense hydration and makes your skin more supple. The nourishing formula works to revitalize the epidermis, soften rough skin, and help strengthen your nails, preventing splitting and breaking. Experience the joy of hands that are not only properly moisturized but also beautifully scented.

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