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Velvet Eau De Parfum

Velvet Eau De Parfum

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Introducing Velvet Eau De Parfum, a carefree and teasingly playful fragrance that encapsulates the essence of youthful happiness for the romantic souls. Soft as velvet and utterly fresh, Velvet unfolds a delightful combination of violet and rose in its tender heart, harmonized with invigorating lemon zest and the soothing allure of sandalwood. This perfume is a celebration of carefree romance, designed to lift up your heart with its vibrant and enchanting aroma.

Velvet is more than just a fragrance; it's a joyful journey that invites you to embrace the spirit of romance. The top notes burst forth with the zesty brightness of mandarin, the crispness of lemon zest, and a hint of ginger, creating an initial impression that is as invigorating as a burst of laughter.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes reveal the tender allure of violet leaf, the sweet and powdery charm of heliotrope, and the timeless elegance of rose. This floral symphony captures the essence of a blooming garden, enveloping you in an aura of playful romance.

The final act unfolds in the base notes, where the grounding presence of cedar meets the comforting warmth of sandalwood and the subtle sensuality of musk. This blend adds depth and character, completing the fragrance with a trail that is both inviting and captivating.

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