Tips & Tricks

  • The right amount of glue

    Wearing eyelash extensions every day should be the most comfortable thing. It is Lash Master’s responsibility to give proper treatment to the client.

    Using the right amount of glue is one of the most important part in eyelash extensions treatment.
    As a Lash Master you have to make sure not to use too little or not too much glue.
    Using of too little glue the eyelash extensions can easily fell as it was not enough to ‘hug’ the natural lashes.
    Using too much of glue the client will feel uncomfortable while blinking, sleeping, washing her face in daily routine.

    The right amount of glue considers when the glue ‘hugs’ the natural lashes without leaving unstick parts or opposite - leaving an excess glue on the natural lash

  • Hygiene at your work place

    Hygiene is the science that deals with the prevention of disease and the preservation and improvement of health. It includes personal hygiene and public hygiene. Each is essential and has a direct bearing on your own welfare as well as your client’s.

    To protect yourself, your clients and public health, you should know when, why and how to use sterilization and sanitation. A clean, safe, sterile salon and station will set you apart from much of the competition.

  • Primer for Natural Lashes

    Is it always necessary to use primer on the natural lashes?

    First of all we have to know what’s the main purpose of using primer before applying eyelash extensions?

    Lash primer helps in achieving a faster attachment time by dissolving any natural oil or makeup residue on natural lashes, as well as balancing the pH level of natural lashes, resulting in a secure bond between the extensions and the natural lashes giving longer retention.

    But there is one unwritten rule about the primer that no one talks about.
    Before the treatment our task is to recognise the condition on the natural lashes. If natural lashes are very thin, blonde and super dry - avoid of using primer - it will make the glue to slide away - which means you will not be able to work.
    In this case a very good cleansing with lash shampoo it’s all we need!

    Like I always say - paying attention to the details it’s all that matters

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