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Acrylic Lash Pallet with magnet

Acrylic Lash Pallet with magnet

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Introducing our Lash Pallet, a versatile and beautifully designed tool that is sure to elevate your eyelash extension and makeup application experience. Measuring a compact 90mm x 120mm, this high-quality acrylic pallet offers several impressive features to make your lash and beauty routines more efficient and stylish.

Durable and Protective: Crafted from high-quality acrylic, this Lash Pallet is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Its wear-resistant, anti-drop, and scratch-resistant properties ensure that it maintains its pristine appearance, even after prolonged use.

Unique and Elegant Design: The Lash Pallet boasts a unique and aesthetically pleasing shape that adds a touch of beauty to your workspace. Its cute and stylish design is sure to catch the eye and become a conversation piece among beauty enthusiasts.

Eyelash Transplantation: This pallet is especially designed for false eyelashes, providing an ideal platform for easy eyelash transplantation. It simplifies the lash application process, making it more precise and efficient.

Magnetic Tweezer Holder: For added convenience, the pallet features two magnetic suction holes that securely hold lash tweezers in place. This keeps your essential tools easily accessible during lash application, eliminating the need to search for them.

Versatile Usage: Whether you're a professional working in a beauty salon or an individual using it for personal grooming, this Lash Pallet is versatile and suited to all settings. Its simple and beautiful design ensures that it complements any beauty space.

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