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Black Eye Gel Patches

Black Eye Gel Patches

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Introducing our Black Eye Gel Patches, an essential component of our UV lash system designed to protect your customers' eyes during lash application. These patches feature a black color that effectively blocks UV light, ensuring the safety and comfort of your clients throughout the process.

Key Features:

✅ Protects customers' eyes from UV light emitted by the UV lamp.

 ✅ Soft material conforms to the contours of the eye area for a comfortable fit.

✅ Moisturizing formula prevents dryness, even during extended application periods.

✅ Each pair is individually packaged for hygienic use.

✅ Easy-tear design allows for convenient and hassle-free access to each pair.

How to Use:

  1. Remove one pair of black eye gel patches from the independent plastic package.
  2. Apply one patch to cover the customer's lower eyelid and another patch to cover the upper eyelid, ensuring the entire eye area is protected from UV light exposure.
  3. Optionally, apply white gel pads over the black eye gel patches for clearer vision or for lash mapping.

Product Information:

  • Color: Black
  • Package: Each pair is individually packaged in a plastic bag.
  • Quantity: Each bag contains 50 independent pairs of black eye gel patches.

For additional protection for lash technicians' eyes, we recommend using our UV400 resistant goggles, specially designed to shield against UV exposure during lash application procedures.

Ensure the safety and comfort of both your clients and technicians with our Black Eye Gel Patches, the ideal solution for UV lash system applications.

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