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Deep Brown Tint

Deep Brown Tint

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Long-lasting Eyebrow Tint “DEEP BROW TINT” is the innovative product developed by TM ELAN professional line and one of the signature eyebrow tinting system SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM components.



the long-wear skin tinting – up to 14 days and the hair tinting – up to 30 days (depending on the skin type and the hair structure).

How to use:

1. Use «Cleansing detox-mousse for eyebrows and eyelashes with antibacterial effect» by TM ELAN professional line for the skin and the hairs degreasing before the eyebrow shaping or tinting procedures. The detox-mousse has bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

2. Define the eyebrow shape with «The paste”.

3. Mix the eyebrow tint «DEEP BROW TINT» by ТМ ELAN professional line with the oxidizing emulsion 3% in the ratio 1:1 in a non-metallic bowl using a measuring spoon included in the tint package.

4. Apply the tinting mixture on the eyebrows according to the preliminary defined shape. Leave it to develop for 5-10 minutes depending on the desired eyebrow colour intensity. Then remove the tint completely with a cotton pad moistened with water. If the tinting mixture appeared to be out of the desired eyebrow shape, moisten a cotton bud with «Skin color remover» by TM ELAN professional line and remove the excess of the tint.

5. Use «COLOUR FIX: colour fixing fluid for eyebrows and eyelashes with keratin and sunflower seed oil» by TM ELAN professional line for better results. It ensures a longer colour effect by stabilizing the colour molecule on the hairs.

Expiration date: 24 months
Period after opening (PAO): 3 months
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