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Elan Argan Oil Cream

Elan Argan Oil Cream

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Introducing Elan Cream with Argan Oil, your go-to solution for natural and nourishing skin and hair care. Available in a convenient 5g sachet, this cream is a true treasure for protecting your hair from the effects of coloring components and enhancing its natural shine.

Key Features:

1. Natural Remedy: Elan Cream with Argan Oil is a natural remedy for safeguarding your hair from the potentially damaging effects of coloring components. It provides a natural and healthy shine that enhances the overall look and feel of your hair.

2. Post-Treatment Care: This cream is highly recommended for use after tinting or brow lamination treatments. It acts as an effective aftercare solution to maintain the health and beauty of your hair and eyebrows.

3. Beauty Vitamins: Enriched with essential "beauty vitamins" A and E, as well as fatty acids, this cream works wonders to restore and rejuvenate damaged hair. It nourishes and moisturizes hair from the root to the tip, leaving it feeling silky and looking lustrous.

4. Hair Loss Solution: Regular use of this cream addresses the issue of hair loss by awakening dormant follicles and promoting healthy hair growth. It's a comprehensive solution that ensures your hair stays strong, vibrant, and resilient.

How to Use:

  • For optimal results, apply Elan Cream with Argan Oil every evening before bedtime. This ensures that your hair and eyebrows receive the care and nourishment they need to maintain their health and natural shine.
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