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Elan Flash Tints

Elan Flash Tints

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The innovative occlusive eyebrow and eyelash tinting system «FLASH TINT» consists of 4 colours that can be combined. The tint is packaged conveniently and ready to use (it does not need a separate mixture with an oxidizer). Due to the unique chemical composition, depending on the client's characteristics, her eyelashes and eyebrow hairs are dyed in 1-15 minutes.
The tint contains a unique care complex that moisturizes the hair and does not over-dry the skin. The tint has a natural hydrogen index (pH) preserved throughout the tinting procedure.

Note: the colours «09 warm brown», «10 cold brown,» and «11 light brown» of the eyebrow and eyelash tint «FLASH TINT» are pure bright. To obtain muted shades due to the eyebrow and eyelash tinting procedure, add the necessary amount of «FLASH TINT» in colour «08 black» to these tint colours.

How to use:

Cleanse the eyebrows with ELAN professional line detox-mousse.
Define the eyebrow shape with the “The Paste”.
Eyebrow tinting:
– Apply the tint on the eyebrows according to the preliminary defined shape.

– leave it to develop for 1–15 minutes, depending on the desired eyebrow colour intensity. When the processing time is finished, remove the tint completely using a cotton pad moistened with water. If the tint appears to be out of the desired eyebrow shape, remove it immediately using a cotton bud moistened with water, preventing it from drying.

Apply «COLOUR FIX»colour fixing fluid to achieve better results. It ensures a longer colour e­ffect by stabilising a colour molecule on the hairs.

Volume: 10ml

Expiration date: 36 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.

Period after opening (PAO): 2 months.
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