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Green Tape

Green Tape

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Introducing our Green Tape for Eyelash Extensions – the ideal choice for beauty professionals for a comfortable, sanitary, and versatile solution for eyelash extension applications. Crafted with care, our green lash tape offers a host of benefits to ensure an optimal and precise lash extension experience.

Product Features:

1. Innovative Material: Our lash tape is made from flexible and super-thin polyolefin film, combined with highly moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives. The design incorporates ventilation holes, making it both breathable and skin-friendly. This innovative combination provides a comfortable and irritation-free feel during eyelash extension applications.

2. Safe and Non-Toxic: This lash tape is a safe and non-toxic accessory for eyelash extensions, ensuring that your clients' safety and well-being are a top priority during the lash extension process.

3. Strong Adhesion and Customization: Our green tape features excellent adhesive properties, making it easy to apply and ensuring that it remains securely in place. It can be effortlessly torn or cut into any length or shape you require, allowing for precise and tailored applications.

4. Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for eyelash extensions and beauty makeup, our green lash tape is versatile and suitable for use by individuals, cosmetics studios, makeup salons, and more. Its multipurpose nature makes it a valuable addition to your beauty toolkit.

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