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MB Lash Lift Tools

MB Lash Lift Tools

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Introducing the MB Lash Lift Tools Kit: Your Comprehensive Solution for Perfect Lash Lifts

Elevate your lash lifting game with the MB Lash Lift Tools Kit, a comprehensive set designed to provide you with the essential tools required for flawless and stunning lash lifts. This kit contains 5 Y Brushes, 5 Sets of Lash Rods (in S, M, M1, M2, and L sizes), 30 Micro Brushes, 10 Lash Brushes, and 10 Lash Lift Tools to ensure you have everything you need for exceptional lash enhancement.

Key Features:

1. Y Brushes: The 5 included Y Brushes are the perfect tools for applying lash lift solutions, ensuring even coverage and precise results. They are designed to enhance the curl and lift of each individual lash.

2. Lash Rods in Various Sizes: The kit offers 5 sets of lash rods in different sizes (S, M, M1, M2, and L) to accommodate various lash lengths and styles. These lash rods help you achieve customized lash lifts to suit your clients' preferences.

3. Micro Brushes: With 30 Micro Brushes included, you have the perfect precision tools for applying solutions and performing detailed touch-ups during the lash lift process. These micro brushes ensure that every lash is treated with care and precision.

4. Lash Brushes: The 10 Lash Brushes are essential for preparing and separating the lashes before applying the lash lift solutions, ensuring that each lash is in its optimal position for the lifting process.

5. Lash Lift Tools: The 10 Lash Lift Tools included in this kit are indispensable for the lash lifting process, providing you with the necessary equipment to achieve beautifully lifted and curled lashes. These tools make the lash lift process efficient and effective.

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