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Micro Brushes

Micro Brushes

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Introducing our Micro Brushes – the ultimate precision tools designed to cater to those hard-to-reach areas with ease. These non-linting and non-absorbent microfiber brushes are arranged in a spherical shape, offering unparalleled accuracy for various applications.

Product Features:

1. Precision Application: Our Micro Brushes feature non-absorbent microfiber tips arranged in a spherical shape, allowing you to make precise applications in even the most challenging and delicate areas. Their small size and fine tip make them ideal for intricate work.

2. Lash Extension Perfection: These micro brushes are a must-have for correcting misplaced single eyelash extensions without disturbing the surrounding lashes. Their precision ensures that your clients' lashes remain intact, and you can easily achieve a flawless look.

3. Lash Priming: Perfect for lash priming, these brushes prevent oversaturation of natural lashes and are ideal for hard-to-reach eye areas. They securely hold the primer, eliminating dripping, so you can work confidently without worrying about any unwanted product drops.

4. Versatile Beauty Tool: In addition to lash work, our Micro Brushes are versatile enough for makeup application, remover, and cleansing in those challenging, inaccessible eye areas. They are a reliable tool for beauty professionals seeking precision in their work.

Package Contents:

Each package includes an impressive 100 pieces of Micro Brushes, ensuring that you have an ample supply for your various beauty needs.

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