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Mix Trays 0.10

Mix Trays 0.10

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Product Name: Alba lashes - gloss collection
Elevate your professional eyelash extension services with our meticulously crafted Eyelash Extension Tray, designed to meet the exacting standards of skilled lash artists. Each box contains 16 strips of lashes, ensuring a generous supply for your clients and facilitating seamless application. Here are the key features that set our eyelash extension trays apart:

Adhesive Strip - Precision at its Finest:

The tray includes an adhesive strip that measures a sleek 2mm in width, providing a narrower profile for enhanced control during application. The strip is meticulously crafted in a classic black color, ensuring a seamless and natural look.
Effortless Lash Removal:

Our lashes are thoughtfully designed to be easily removable from the strip, streamlining the application process and saving valuable time during your professional lash services.
Easy Spreadability for Effortless Application:

Experience unparalleled ease with the eyelashes' exceptional spreadability. The carefully selected materials and construction of the tray allow for a smooth and seamless application process, ensuring a flawless result every time.
Maintained Inclination:

The inclination of the eyelashes remains consistent throughout the application, ensuring that the meticulously crafted shape is maintained. This feature contributes to the creation of a consistent, natural-looking lash set that enhances the beauty of your clients' eyes.
Professional-Grade Quality:

Crafted with the discerning professional in mind, these eyelashes are intended exclusively for professional use. The high-quality materials and precision engineering make them the perfect choice for lash artists who demand the best for their clients.

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