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Paper Tape

Paper Tape

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Introducing our Paper Tape for Eyelash Extensions – the versatile and essential addition to your beauty toolkit, designed to cater to the specific needs of eyelash extension professionals. Each roll is approximately 9 meters in length, boasting a width of 1.2cm, providing an ample supply to meet your various eyelash extension requirements.

Product Features:

1. Quality Material: Our lash tape is made from high-quality material, offering breathability and comfort, ensuring that you and your clients have a pleasant experience during eyelash extension applications.

2. Sanitary and Safe: This lash tape is a valuable accessory for eyelash extensions, guaranteeing a sanitary, safe, and non-toxic solution for your clients. It maintains hygiene and peace of mind during the lash extension process.

3. Excellent Adhesion and Easy Customization: Our tape features strong adhesive properties while remaining easy to tear, making it simple to cut into the exact length or shape you need. This versatility ensures precise and tailored applications, especially when securing the lower eyelashes before eyelash extension procedures.

4. Wide Range of Applications: This tape is suitable for a variety of settings, including individuals seeking self-application, cosmetics studios, and makeup salons. It is an all-encompassing solution that serves a range of needs, from holding down natural lashes to lifting extra skin or eyelids off the eye pad.

5. Versatile Usage: In addition to its primary use, our paper tape is an invaluable tool for maintaining the perfect adhesive bubble when used on a Jade Stone. It effectively secures bottom natural lashes and can be used to lift excess skin or eyelids slightly from the eye pad for added comfort and security.

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