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Plastic Tape

Plastic Tape

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Introducing our Plastic Tape for Eyelash Extensions, a versatile and skin-friendly solution that caters to the unique needs of beauty professionals . Our lash tape offers a range of benefits to ensure a comfortable and seamless eyelash extension experience.

Product Features:

1. Gentle on Sensitive Skin: Our lash tape is specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind. It boasts high adhesive properties without leaving any sticky film on the skin. Unlike some tapes, it won't irritate sensitive skin, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience.

2. Residue-Free and Non-Fibrous: You can trust that our lash tape will not leave any residue on the skin, and it won't leave behind any fibers when combed through with spoolie brushes. This ensures a clean and hassle-free process during eyelash extension applications.

3. Water-Resistant and Reliable: Our lash tape is highly water-resistant, so it won't come loose even when exposed to moisture. This reliability ensures that the tape remains securely in place, making it ideal for various conditions and lash extension techniques.

4. Flexible and Easy to Use: The PE micropore medical tape is exceptionally flexible, making it easy to tear off in any length or shape. You can do this with your hand or opt for tape dispensers or scissors for added convenience.

5. Versatile Application: Our plastic tape is perfect for pulling up eyelids or taping down lower lashes during eyelash extension applications. It's designed to avoid tugging or pulling on the natural lashes, ensuring that the process is comfortable and gentle on the skin.

6. Skin-Lifting and Comfortable: In addition to its primary use, this tape is excellent for lifting eyelids off eye pads or raising any excess eyelid skin your client may have. With just the right amount of adhesive strength, it's a comfortable and reliable option for various skin types.

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