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Pro Gel Patches

Pro Gel Patches

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Product Name: Pro Gel Patches - Set of 50

Overview: Introducing Pro Gel Patches, the ultimate solution for streamlined and hassle-free lash extension application. This set of 50 eye patches is meticulously designed with cutting-edge Flex-Form technology, ensuring a custom fit for various eye shapes and sizes. The updated formulation guarantees a surface that re-positions effortlessly, contours around the eye, and securely holds in place throughout the entire application process.

Key Features:

  1. Flex-Form Technology: Pro Gel Patches boast Flex-Form technology, adapting seamlessly to diverse eye shapes and sizes. This ensures a custom fit for each client, providing comfort and convenience during lash extension application.

  2. Easy Repositioning: The updated formulation allows for easy re-positioning, allowing professionals to achieve the perfect placement without hassle. Say goodbye to time-consuming adjustments.

  3. Secure Hold: Despite its flexibility, these patches maintain a firm hold, providing stability throughout the entire lash extension application process. Professionals love the reliability and efficiency they bring to their work.

  4. Lint-Free Design: Crafted with a smooth, coated back, Pro Gel Patches are lint-free. This feature eliminates the risk of lint shedding, preventing any interference with the lash application for a smooth and seamless process.

Professional-Favorite: Professionals adore these patches for their ease of use and the valuable time they save in the preparation phase. The patches contribute to a smooth, uninterrupted lash application experience, making them a must-have in the toolkit of every lash artist.

Hassle-Free Application: Enjoy a hassle-free application process with Pro Gel Patches. The combination of Flex-Form technology, easy repositioning, secure hold, and lint-free design ensures a seamless experience for both the professional and the client.

Elevate your lash extension service with Pro Gel Patches - where innovation meets efficiency for unparalleled results.

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