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Silicone Lash Pallet

Silicone Lash Pallet

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Introducing the Silicone Lash Pad: Your Lash Artistry Essential

Elevate your eyelash extension game with our Silicone Lash Pad, an indispensable tool for lash artists. Designed for both convenience and precision, this soft and flexible silicone pad simplifies your lash extension procedures while ensuring a mess-free and efficient experience.

Slightly Sticky for Lash Strip Management: Our silicone lash pads feature a slightly sticky surface, offering the perfect grip for lash strips. This unique characteristic simplifies the lash application process by securely holding lash strips in place, enabling quick and effortless lash strip removal after each appointment.

A Haven for Volume Fans: These silicone pads are not just for lash strips – they're also ideal for safeguarding your handmade volume fans or loose premade volume fans. By keeping them secure and readily accessible, you can enhance your efficiency and be fully prepared when your client arrives.

No Sticky Residue, Easy Cleaning: The silicone surface is naturally slightly sticky, yet it leaves no sticky residue behind. When it needs a refresh, cleaning is a breeze. Restore its stickiness by following the provided care instructions.

How to Use:

  1. Place Your Lash Strip: Simply position your lash strip on the silicone lash pad. The pad's exceptional grip ensures that it stays put on your table or pillow, eliminating any slipping or movement and allowing you to concentrate on your lash work.

  2. Easy Lash Strip Removal: The slightly sticky silicone effectively holds your lash strip in place, making it effortless to remove individual lashes or premade fans from the backing tape. No more struggling or dealing with leftover paper!

Care Instructions:

  • Quick Clean: For a swift clean, use a piece of micropore tape to remove any residue from the surface, ensuring it's ready for your next application.

  • Deep Clean (to Restore Stickiness): To bring the silicone lash pad back to its original stickiness, wash it with soap and warm water, give it a good shake, and then allow it to air dry. It's that simple!

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