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Standard Lash Lift Rods

Standard Lash Lift Rods

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Introducing Our Standard Lash Lift Rods: The Perfect Tools for Stunning Lash Lifts

Achieve beautifully lifted and curled lashes with our Standard Lash Lift Rods. This set includes five sizes (S, M, M1, M2, and L) of lash rods, ensuring that you have the right tools to accommodate various lash lengths and styles.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Set: The Standard Lash Lift Rods set offers five sizes of lash rods, making it easy to achieve the perfect curl and lift for a wide range of lash lengths and styles.

2. Versatile Sizing: With sizes ranging from S (small) to L (large), you can customize your lash lifts to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client, ensuring that their lashes are beautifully enhanced.

3. Stunning Lash Lifts: These lash rods are the key to achieving stunning lash lifts. By selecting the appropriate size, you can create the perfect curl and lift for lashes that leave a lasting impression.

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