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Storage Box

Storage Box

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Introducing the Eyelash 5 Layer Tray Box: Organize, Protect, and Simplify Your Lash Artistry

Elevate your lash extension game with our Eyelash 5 Layer Tray Box, a revolutionary tool designed to keep your lash strips clean, safe, and meticulously organized. This compact and versatile accessory is an absolute essential for lash artists, offering a range of features to enhance your workflow and ensure that your lash materials are always ready for your next appointment.

Key Features:

1. Holds 5 Lash Tiles: Each tray box accommodates five lash tiles, providing you with ample space to store and organize your lash extensions. These lash tiles, each equipped to hold nine rows of lashes, come complete with dedicated space for writing down curl and thickness details. No more guessing or mixing up your lash lengths and styles.

2. Printed Lengths for Easy Organization: The lash tiles feature printed lengths, ranging from 7mm to 15mm. This feature simplifies the task of organizing your lash extensions, ensuring you can quickly locate the specific lengths you need for each client.

3. Clear Acrylic Storage Box: The transparent acrylic storage box offers a clear view of all the lash tiles within, eliminating the need to remove and inspect each tile individually. This time-saving feature enhances your efficiency during appointments, allowing you to access the right lash tiles with ease.

4. Hygienic Lash Tile Storage: Your lash tray rows and hand-made fans remain safe and clean, maintaining their pristine condition between appointments. This hygienic storage solution ensures that you always provide the best for your clients.

5. Time-Saving Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of removing lash strips from your lash tile after each appointment. With our tray box, simply slide the lash tile into the storage box, and you're ready to go for your next lash session.


  • Lash Tile Storage Box: 12 cm long x 6 cm wide x 10 cm tall
  • Lash Tile: 10.5 cm long x 5.5 cm wide x 0.2 cm thick
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