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The Paste

The Paste

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A professional contour paste designed for eyebrow or lip mapping prior to any tinting or micropigmentation process. It guarantees the establishment of a precise outline and perfect brow shape, along with flawless tinting results.
The paste’s soft elastic texture allows for easy and even application, in addition to the correction of the created eyebrow sketch, if necessary. It protects the skin from undesired tinting by preventing tint smudging. It can be easily removed from the skin.

How to use:
1) applying with a make-up brush – apply a small amount of the paste, using a make-up brush, along the eyebrow or lip contour, filling in the created sketch;

2) applying with a thread – apply a small amount of the paste to a thread and map the eyebrows using the convenient technique, slightly touching the skin with a thread in order to mark it.

When the tinting is finished, remove the excess paste from the skin using a cotton pad moistened with water.

Volume: 8 g
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