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"Top" Tweezer

"Top" Tweezer

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Introducing Our NEW 90° Angle Rounded Head Volume Eyelash Extension Fiber Tip Tweezer

Fiber tip tweezers are specifically designed to offer a broader area of contact - what we call the "biting point".

What sets them apart is the textured grip at the tip. Unlike traditional tweezers that have a smooth finish, fiber tip tweezers come with a sort of built-in traction. This texture covers the entire tip, providing a consistent and reliable hold on even the finest lashes.

For volume lashes, this can mean quicker, more efficient lash fan creation. The added grip control means even the lightest touch can keep those fine, delicate lashes in place as you work.

Key Features:

1. Designed for Volume Lashing: Our 90° Angle Rounded Head Tweezer is specifically engineered for volume lash extensions, ensuring that you have the perfect tool for creating flawless and mesmerizing lash sets.

2. Unparalleled Efficiency: This tweezer is your key to unparalleled efficiency in volume lashing. It grips immediately along the entire head, even with the lightest pressure, making the process of creating beautiful lash fans effortless.

3. Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a student just starting your journey in the world of volume lashes or a master lash artist with years of experience, these tweezers are your best friend. They are suitable for volume lashers of all skill levels, offering ease and precision in every application.

4. Innovative Design: The innovative 90° angle and rounded head provide you with a new approach to volume lash extensions. Achieve the perfect grip and placement for fans that are expertly fanned out and beautifully aligned.

5. Elevate Your Lash Artistry: With these top-of-the-line tweezers, you can elevate your lash artistry to new heights. Create volume lash sets that leave your clients in awe, and redefine the standards of your craft.

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