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Introducing LED LASHES, a revolutionary system in the field of eyelash extensions that utilizes cutting-edge LED light technology to enhance the application process and ensure unparalleled durability and comfort. Developed by scientists and engineers, this innovative system represents a significant advancement in lash extension techniques, offering numerous advantages for both clients and lash technicians.

How it Works:
- LED visible light is used to harden the glue, resulting in a durable and lightweight bond between the natural and artificial lashes.
- The glue dries in just 1-2 seconds when exposed to the LED Eyelash System Device, significantly reducing application time.
- A thin layer of glue ensures fast and maximum adhesion and wrapping of the natural lashes, with an instant drying result.
- Unlike conventional eyelash extension glue, the LED glue dries on a different principle and does not stick to neighboring lashes, eliminating the risk of lashes sticking together.
- The glue has an extremely low level of odor and vapor, making it comfortable for both clients and lash technicians.
- LED glue vapor does not activate even after exposure to water or high heat, ensuring long-lasting retention without irritation.

- Safe for the human body and eyes, as the light spectrum shines through protective glass and poses no harm to clients or technicians. Wavelength: 395-405 nm.
- Suitable for all clients, including those with allergies or sensitivities to traditional lash extension glue.
- Certified adhesives work safely without damaging the client's eye area.
- Eliminates the need to adjust room temperature and humidity, simplifying the application process.
- Reduces glue usage and extends shelf life, saving time and resources.
- Provides a more durable and elastic bond, resulting in longer-lasting lash extensions.
- Compatible with existing lash extension techniques and materials.
- Attracts a larger base of customers due to its innovative nature.

Here are some professional recommendations for utilizing a UV LED Lamp:

  1. Ensure that the distance between the client's eyelashes and the lamp is maintained within the range of 10-15 cm, with a preference for a distance of 10 cm.
  2. Utilize UV glasses or comparable eyewear equipped with UV400 protection to safeguard against potential UV exposure.
  3. The diameter of the emitted light should approximate 4 cm, optimizing the coverage area while maintaining efficacy.
  4. Employ black patches and tapes to effectively occlude the light, enhancing client comfort during the procedure.
  5. Prior to commencement, it is imperative to thoroughly agitate the adhesive by shaking it for approximately 30 seconds, ensuring optimal consistency and performance.

With LED LASHES, clients can enjoy enhanced comfort and durability, while lash technicians benefit from improved efficiency and versatility. Say goodbye to traditional lash extension challenges and discover the future of lash enhancement with LED technology.

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